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Milk Moustache

Sip the tea through the top layer of milk foam to get a creamy, satisfying mouthful of the flavour of fresh milk accentuated by the more complex flavours of the tea


All In One

For the best of both worlds, stir both layers together and drink up!


Tea Off

Sip the tea from the bottom with a straw to savour the complexity and freshness of the tea.

Step 1 Choose Drink(s) Size
Regular (470ml)
Large (650ml)
Hot Drink (470ml)
Step 2 Choose Sugar Level
0% No Sugar
30% Little Sugar
50% Half Sugar
70% Less Sugar
100% Standard Sugar
Step 3 Choose Ice Level
0% No Ice
30% Little Ice
70% Less Ice
100% Standard Ice
Step 4 Choose Topping(s)

Children and elderly people must chew thoroughly before swallowing.

Children must be accompanied by an adult when eating.