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House Special
Gong cha Signature Milk Foam Series

A lot of trial and error was put into the development of our signature Milk Foam. The result is a mouth-watering milk foam that provides the perfect balance between sweet and savoury.

The rich creamy milk foam pairs beautifully with our teas, creating the ultimate tea experience.

Come and try Gong cha’s signature product for yourselves to see what all the fuss is about!

Milk Moustache
Sip the tea through the top layer of milk foam to get a creamy, satisfying mouthful of the flavour of fresh milk accentuated by the more complex flavours of the tea.
Tea Off
Sip the tea from the bottom with a straw to savour the complexity and freshness of the tea.
All in One
For the best of both worlds, stir both layers together and drink up!
How to Order
Customize the drinks to suit your tastes.
Choose your drink
First of all, please select your preferred drink from any of the different series on offer at Gong cha.
Hot or Cold?
Once you have decided on your drink, you have the option of having your drink “Cold” or “Hot”.
Please note that some drinks are not available as “Hot” as it may not go together well with some of the ingredients.
Regular or Large?
Would you like to have your drink in a Regular size or a Large size?
Please note that some drinks are only available in one size (as indicated on our menu).
Choose your Ice Level
How cold would you like your drink? Our “Standard” serve of ice is “100%”; “Less Ice” is 70% of our standard serve of ice; “Little Ice” is 30% of our standard serve of ice and “No Ice” means no ice is added.
Please note that even drinks ordered with No Ice will be cool because we shake them with ice in a shaker.
Choose your Sugar Level
“Standard/100%” refers to our standard serve of sugar; “Less Sugar/70%” is 70% of our standard serve of sugar; “Half Sugar/50%” is 50% of our standard serve of sugar; “Little Sugar/30%” is 30% of our standard serve of sugar and “No Sugar” means no sugar is added.
Please note that some drinks are naturally sweet, so will taste sweet even if you choose No Sugar.
Additional toppings?
Would you like to add any of our delicious toppings to your drink? We recommend that there are no more than 3 toppings in any drink because if you choose more than 3 toppings, there will be very little tea left for you to drink!